1. Deal four question cards and one answer card to each player.

Common Decency Internet History Card
Common Decency  Putin Card
Common Decency Yes card
Common Decency Herpes Card
Common Decency Dad DVD card

2.On your turn, read one of your Q’s to any player. They must answer truthfully, “yes”, “no” or “it depends on…”

Common Decency Answer cards

3. If their answer does NOT match your A card, replace both your A card and the Q card you read with new ones from the deck. 

Common Decency Yes Card

4. If their answer DOES match your A card, replace your A card with a new one, and discard the Q you read. You now have one fewer Q card.

Common Decency Morally Questionable

5. Explaining your answers is encouraged. (You will have some explaining to do!) Answers can be debated and disagreements resolved by group vote. Happy judging!

Play proceeds in a circle, one turn per player, until someone has discarded all of their Q cards in this way.