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Alternative Rules and Drinking Rules for Common Decency

Through trial and plenty of errors, we're happy to announce two new, alternative ways to play Common Decency. These are simpler and quicker than the full card game, and go down well as the night wears on... No Chase, No Face: Pull a card off the deck, read it aloud to the group without smiling, laughing, screaming or weeping.

Most Likely to: Read a card aloud and on the count of three, everyone points to the person most likely to answer yes to that question. I don't like this one, they always point at me! For bonus points, play both games simultaneously.

The Common Decency Drinking Game - A few people like to have a drink while they play they play their offensive board games and asked for some official drinking rules. This is what we came up with: Play Common Decency as normal. On your turn, if you successfully predict someone's response and get rid of a question card, you may nominate someone in the group to drink. If you predict incorrectly, you drink. If you've got another version, please get in touch!

*The UK Chief Medical Officer recommends adults do not exceed 14 units of alcohol a week (almost five pints of beer) Be smart and switch to crack. Cheers!

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