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Featured on BBC1!

The Common Decency stall at Dagenham Market

So the BBC got in touch a while back and announced they were shooting a series about a market in East London. They needed people with interesting or unusual side businesses who wouln't mind appearing on TV.

Free publicity is the best publicity, so I spent the day in Dagenham (supported by my long-suffering wife) selling our variety of unusual gift ideas and inventions. We led with the Bottle Popper which sold steadily, assisted by our practice of doling out the Cava the producer gifted us for demonstration purposes.

Being filmed was a new experience. Highlights included having to reshoot some of the dialogue with the market staff due to the long, silent pauses and looks of absolute confusion when we described what we were there to sell! Its also really hard to be funny when you tell a joke, and they ask you to repeat it because the cameraman didn't catch it. That's my excuse anyway.

Good Morning Dagenham first aired back in March, but the good thing about daytime TV is that they repat it! We're in episodes 4 and 10, which are on again on Thursday 8th August and Friday 16th. I'll post the link here when they're available on iPlayer. Maybe I'll be able to bring myself to watch it this time...

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