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Live Action Worms!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

No worms were harmed all that much in the filming of this video...

I had so much fun filming this, getting the props and pyrotechnics together took the best part of two months.

The pyrotechnics were based on commercially available ones intended for paintballing and an awful lot of paper mache. It made the filming a lot more fun as the worms were essentially playing a real game of worms with a winner and loser!

I based the weapons of my favourite game in the worms series: Worms Armageddon.

If you want a go yourself without being blown up you can buy a downloadable version on Amazon here:



Making this video was great fun, but a bit of a departure from my usual business of being a part-time inventor of ridiculous gifts. If you fancy an offensive card game, or a bottle opener that turns champagne bottles into bazookas, please check out the rest of this website.

If I do another video it'll be an original gameshow based on mimes doing challenges. If you have experience of catching live mimes or training them in captivity, please get in touch.

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