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The Bottle Popper on The Customer is Always Right

I was delighted to get the opportunity to make a triumphant return to BBC1's daytime lineup. This time as a contestant on The Customer Is Always Right. Once again I was mostly there to exhibit the Original Bottle Popper, though they also filmed me messing about with a four-wheeled bike prototype. It's called the Suicycle, though I'll probably have to change that before I market it...

Filming involved most of a day in the tiny flat I lived in at the time. Demonstrating the Bottle Poppers took quite a while and tragically left me with a whole bunch of opened Cava bottles around the place.

The way the programme works is that I then sent half a dozen or so Bottle Poppers to be reviewed by the customers. They shot their reviews and I flew up to the studio in Glasgow. Filming took most of a (very fun) day and just involved the three of us contestants taking it in turns to watch some of the reviews on a laptop.

The programme airing led to a massive spike in sales over the lockdown and I'm grateful as ever to have new customers supporting my silly hobby!

You can still watch the episode on iPlayer for another week or so (Series 2, episode 5) and it looks like someone's stuck it up on YouTube as well.

You can get a Bottle Popper of your very own here.

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