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We went to The Board Game Club in London

Last week, we decided to head down to Board Game Club, a free London event that runs every 4-6 weeks and celebrates all things board gamey.

The event attracts a wide variety of game developers, journalists, designers and people who just want to socialise and play a few board games. The organisers had kindly agreed to our game being one of the ones showcased that evening. We wanted to get some honest feedback on the game, share some ideas, try some other games and meet some people.

We were among the first to arrive and after briefly descending like a plague of locusts on the bar and free cake, we plunged into the task of making friends. The first group we met were keen to try out Common Decency, and within minutes we were asking each other probing questions about moral responsibility, roadkill cuisine and sexual etiquette involving leprechauns. The tone successfully lowered, we moved onto Cards Against Humanity, and another card game, Disturbed Friends, which I think is definitely worth a look.

As we spent the evening bouncing excitedly around the room, making friends with anyone we could catch, something struck us: There are no set demographics for the sort of people who might wander into a central London hotel bar on a Thursday evening for some board gaming. There was a good-sized contingent of international students from London Metropolitan University all the way up to people who had been playing games for decades. It amazed us how quickly everyone could get into the spirit of our game and others, the whole point of board games is that they're social after all, but no one was at all shy about any of the content.

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