A viral internet sensation!


Scandalise your friends, startle your colleagues and unnerve your casual acquaintances with this irreverent after dinner card game. 

This game is about predicting peoples' reactions to various moral dilemmas. Would you share Cardi B's toothbrush if you could also share her Ferrari?
-72 high quality printed cards. (61 Question cards, 10 answer cards and a rules card)

-Comes in a printed box

-Recommended 3-8 players


This product is the result of the fertile and twisted minds of two of South London's finest, coupled with perhaps too much free time.

This game is not suitable for children (look at the examples in the pictures) and if you have a delicate disposition, or are easily offended, this probably isn't for you...


Video credit: Beauty and the Beard


Common Decency - International Edition