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The Bottle Popper fits onto any champagne-style bottle. It has a trigger and a sight, letting you easily open your bottle of fizz, and practice your bazooka skills!


Also opens beer bottles.

Made in the UK from solid stainless steel to my original design.


My critics will claim this product is a puerile attempt to combine my interests of alcohol and firearms, but the need originally arose when I visited my Grandparents in Northern Ireland to introduce them to my fiance. Delighted I'd finally convinced anyone to marry me, they got the champagne out. They asked me to open it, mentioning that their arthritis made it difficult for them to do so themselves. 


Bottle openers for sparkling wine exist, but none of them let you shoot anything and instead of being fun, the overall experience feels like using a pair of scissors to open a packet of crisps, and is just as exciting. The Bottle Popper is a lot more fun!


Instructions included




The Bottle Popper- Open Bottles, shoot stuff!