The production model of the prototype shown on episode 10 of BBC1's Good Morning Dagenham!


The Jobbie Wheecher, usually known as a poop knife, is the simplest, fastest and cleanest way of breaking up bathroom log-jams.


An elegant and practical design made from stainless steel and varnished wood. It sits next to your porcelin throne, in its stand, until your kingdom calls for aid. 


One fateful day, you're confronted with a mighty bathroom beast that resists your flushing attempts. You can ruin your poor old toilet brush trying to bash it around, or try to push the obstruction deeper into your plumbing with a plunger.


The situation demands the right tool for the job.


The cold, steel edge of the Jobbie Wheecher make short work of slaying even the most monstrous of doo doo dragons. Renting them asunder into flushable pieces.


Ships from the United Kingdom with instructions and a nice little stand.


A "Jobbie Wheaker" is an old Scotts term for a poop knife or shite saber. I assume this from the context of a Scotsman I met once on an Army camp. He wandered around the toilet block for ten minutes asking everyone for something to help him "wheech oot his jobbie". Eventually he returned with a knife and a broom handle, which he sharpened to a wicked point and proceeded to stab at his jobbie like an angry Japanese whaler.

Clearly his moral code prevented him from leaving a log jam for others to deal with. I named my device in honour of his integrity and bravery.

Needless to say, he disappeared into the dawn and we never saw him again.

The Jobbie Wheecher AKA Poop Knife